Mexican Insurance Reviews and Shopping at Rocky Point!

Mexican Insurance Reviews for Rocky Point Mexico

Rocky Point has emerged as most popular weekend spot and spring break destination because of its proximity to the US-Mexico border. While vacationing in the area, you come across gorgeous beaches and unlimited shopping.

When driving to Rocky Point, you need Mexican insurance for Rocky point and you need to read Mexican insurance reviews online before you travel. If you are browsing through a comparison of Mexican insurance reviews, you might find comments stating Mexican insurance is not needed. The reality is that Mexican insurance is required by law. Therefore, it is necessary to have comprehensive Mexican auto insurance policy to enjoy road trip south of the border. You can find quality low-cost Mexican auto insurance policies on the internet. At the border many Mexican insurance policies are expensive and of lower than online.

Best areas of Shopaholics in Rocky Point are:

Desert Boutique

If you want to buy unique and designer clothes while vacationing in Rocky Point, consider visiting Desert Boutiques in the downtown area. This boutique is famous for offering great designer clothes made from “Manta,” a canvas type material. You can choose from several innovative designs. Some of the most popular garments that you can buy from this boutique are evening gowns, suits and Guayaberas. No matter which piece you are going to pick, trendy streak would never be missed. Best way to get protection against legal issues before crossing the border is by checking Mexican insurance reviews beforehand.

Rocky Point Handcrafts Zones

If you are looking for authentic handicrafts, this is the place to visit. This shopping area is also known as “Curious Zones of Rocky Point.” Walking strolling around the zone, you would come across great creativity of the locals. You can choose from wide array of earthenware pieces in addition to spectacular statues and figures made from Palo Fierro wood. The zone is also famous among travelers love to wear jewelry made from shells. Popular handicraft zones in Rocky Point are the Cholla Mall, Avenida 13 and Rodeo Drive.

Galeria del Mar Bermejo

It is also known as Mar Bermejo Shopping Gallery. The gallery is strategically located behind the Old Port Church. While visiting the gallery, take your pick from silver jewelry, paintings and handmade clothes. While driving your vehicle from one market to another only Mexican insurance can offer protection against legal issues in an event of an auto accident.

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