Enjoy Peaceful Shopping in Culiacan With High Quality Mexican Car Insurance Policy!

Culiacan, the capital city of state of Sinaloa is one of most important commercial cities in Mexico. Every year numerous businessmen visit the city to invest their money in different sectors. The city is also known for its world class shopping options. Before stepping into the city, consider buying a quality Mexican car insurance policy. Authorities won’t ask for this document while crossing the border. However, in case of an at fault auto accident, online car insurance for Mexico is the only thing that can save you from getting detained.

Popular shopping areas in Culiacan are:

Plaza Comercial Forum

This shopping mall is one of the most important and beautiful buildings not only in Culiacan but in the entire Sinaloa. Beauty of the mall is defined by a 12 meters high fountain located at the main entrance. The outdoors also features extensive gardens. As you step into the mall, you’d find heaven for shoppers. You can choose from trendy clothes, eclectic accessories, latest gadgets and variety of home appliances. High quality Mexico insurance policy is available in several denominations. To get the best, you need to know what kind of coverage you’re looking for.

Plaza Cinepolis

This modern shopping mall is not only famous for its world class shops and stores but also for wide array of recreational options. After shopping, visit any of the restaurants to enjoy delicious Mexican food. There are few restaurants in the mall that specialize in international cuisine. Kids can have great time at the video game parlor. The mall also features movie theaters and several other entertainment options. Going through reviews is a must to find top rated online car insurance for Mexico.

Mercado Garmendia

Garmendia Market is one of the most colorful markets in the city. The market is known for its magnificent architecture. While shopping in the market, you can choose from handicrafts, footwear, clothes and trendy clothes. The market is another facet of the culture of Culiacan. There are several food stands that offer delicious traditional food. Every online vendor promises to offer high quality Mexico insurance policy. However, you should rely only on the reputed vendors. To check their reliability, consider checking their ratings.

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Mexican insurance by Mexican Insurance Store – Driving to Cozumel Restaurants!

Do you want to experience Caribbean feel while vacationing in Mexico? Yes! You should be visiting Cozumel where you would find gorgeous beaches and spectacular sunsets. The island is also famous for its intriguing traditions, culture and gastronomical flavors. There are numerous restaurants where you can have sumptuous dining experience. To enjoy your meal in Cozumel restaurants, you don’t need any special document however, to drive your vehicle you should have Mexican insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. Review Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store to find the reliable online coverage for everyone over 21 with a valid drivers license..

Following are few worth dining restaurants in Cozumel:

La Conchita del Caribe

This is a must visit restaurant for seafood lovers. It is strategically located in the downtown area. Name of the restaurant literally means The Seashell of Caribbean. Every year large number of tourists visit this restaurant to exquisiteness of dishes made from fishes, lobsters and meat. According to experts, the restaurant serves the most delicious food in the town.

Casa Denis

Casa Denis specializes in typical Yucatan cuisine. The exotic atmosphere of the restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience. It was opened around six decades ago and is located in a century-old home. While visiting Casa Denis, you can feel the traditional and historical streak of the city. Their menu consists of wide array of antojitos in addition to numerous traditional Mexican dishes. Top rated Mexican auto liability policy can be found at lowest possible price by comparing the prices of multiple auto policies.


If you want to mingle with the locals and know their culture, consider dining at Palmeras. Specialty of the restaurant lies in international cuisine. But they also serve great Mexican food and homemade desserts. It is located on Melgar Avenue from where you can admire spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea and the Main Square. Ratings of Mexican insurance by Mexican Insurance Store is the best way to find the most reliable vendors offering top rated Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store liability policy. Remember Mexican insurance by Mexican Insurance Store is needed by all drivers to Mexico because US and Canadian car insurance is invalid.

El Carnero de Oro

This is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. It is famous in the entire state for its Birria and Salsas. While going through their menu, you would come across variety of Mexican snacks known as Antojitos. Birria is served with hand made tortillas and ice cold beer.

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Buy Car Insurance for Mexico Online Before Being a Part of Ciudad Obregon Nightlife!

Ciudad Obregon depicts perfect example of history and culture. Every year number of youngsters visit the city to be a part of its vivacious nightlife. While driving your vehicle through the city, you would come across plazas, parks and enchanting traffic circles. If you don’t want to compromise on the safety parameter while visiting Ciudad Obregon, don’t pick underrated car insurance for Mexico online. Spend quality time on the internet to find top quality Mexican car insurance.

Popular nightclubs, bars and pubs in Ciudad Obregon are:

La Playa

This club has become an integral part of the city’s nightlife. While visiting the club, you would find minimal décor with unique fashionable tinge. You can befriend with locals. DJ plays latest hits mixed with techno and electronic beats. This is the place where you can drink and dance all night long

El Cuartel Revolution Bar

The bar defines fun and entertainment in unique way. As the name suggests, the décor of the bar gives a feel of Mexican revolution times. While sipping your favorite drinks, you can enjoy live musical performances of local bands.

Baby C

Baby C is another place to enjoy live music scene. Live performances take place from Thursday to Saturday. You can enjoy different genres of music. The club also features big TV screens on which you can enjoy music videos and sporting events.

Fan’s Sport Bar

If you are a sports freak, Fan’s Sport Bar should not be missed while visiting Ciudad Obregon. Visit this bar with your friends to have great time. Every night the bar features a theme party. Most popular ones are karaoke night, rock night and hip hop night.

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Reliable Mexican Car Insurance Reviews For Shopping In Cancun

Reliable Mexican Car Insurance Reviews For Shopping In Cancun

Undoubtedly, Cancun is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Mexico. The resort city is also known as the water sports capital of Mexico. However, the city is not only about thrilling aquatic adventure but also for its world class malls and shopping areas. If you are looking for protection against legal issues while driving your vehicle through Mexican streets, make sure you are obtaining Mexican insurance liability policies only after going through reliable Mexican car insurance reviews. Apart from reliable Mexican car insurance reviews, you should also compare the prices of various Mexican insurance liability policies.

Enjoy Shopping at the following areas in Cancun:

Market 28

This is a huge open air flea market from where you can easily buy variety of souvenirs. There are large number of stalls from where you can pick postcards, leather items, silver jewelry and array of handicrafts. Besides shops and stalls, the market also features various restaurants serving range of drinks and dishes. It is one of the largest shopping areas in Cancun. The market is famous for offering items that you get in the Hotel Zone at much lesser price.

Plaza Flamingo

This is one of the most popular shopping malls in the city. It is strategically located in the Hotel Zone and is home to around 100 stores. There are several arts and crafts shops from where you can buy handicrafts made from bones, talavera and clay. Trendy clothes, latest gadgets, household equipment and fine jewelry are also available in the mall. If you are feeling hungry, you can dine at Sanborn’s Café, Pat O’Brien’s, Bubba Gump and The Outback Steakhouse.

La Isla

This shopping village is located under a huge canopy near Nichupte Lagoon. The shopping center features over 150 Mexican as well as international brands. It has emerged as one of the most prominent shopping and entertainment center in the city. La Isla is not only famous for its world class infrastructure but also for its natural surroundings. The open air architecture of the mall discerns it from other shopping centers in Cancun.

Check Reliable Mexican Car Insurance Reviews and you will see that Mexican insurance liability policies from Mexicaninsurancestore.com come with roadside assistance.

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Don’t Ignore Top Rated Mexican Auto Liability Policy to Enjoy Shopping in Tequisquiapan!

Visiting Queretaro? Consider driving to the neighboring town of Tequisquiapan also known as Tequis to enjoy shopping. This small town is becoming shopping hub for locals as well as tourists. While driving your vehicle from Queretaro to Tequis, you should have top rated Mexican auto liability policy. No matter whether you are staying in Mexico for a day or for a month, you must have comprehensive car insurance for Mexico so that you can enjoy worry free drive through Mexican streets.

Best shopping areas/items in Tequisquiapan are:

Art Crafts Markets

Your search for souvenirs would come to an end in these markets. One such market is located next to Redox Hotel. There are numerous stalls in the market that offer variety of ceramics, woodwork, sticks and wicker. Another popular arts and crafts market is known as “Teques-qui-calli” where you can shop for silver jewelry, opals, wicker, embroidered fabrics and vintage clothes.

Main Square

City’s Main Square is also quite popular among shopping buffs. There are several shops and stores in the pedestrian streets. From these stores, you can buy jewelry items, wonderful crafts, rattan and pine furniture, leather goods, ceramics and handmade candles.

Fabric and Embroidery Alley

This popular alleyway is located next to the Parish Church. During weekends and public holidays, this alleyway becomes home to stands that offer wide variety of embroidered and woven fabrics created by employing traditional handmade techniques. You can choose bracelets, necklaces and variety of candles.

Basketry and Saddlery

Tequis is known as basket Heaven as the city’s main crafts are baskets. You can buy these baskets for daily usage, to gift and to decorate your home. You can buy baskets that are made from palm leaves, willow and cypress roots. All of the baskets reflect skill set of local artists. You would also find several craftsmen that are specialized in working with leather. They make saddles, leather toys and costumes.

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Drive to Nuevo Laredo Restaurants, If You Have the Best Mexican auto insurance!

Nuevo Laredo is one of the most important US-Mexico border cities. It is not only famous for being hub of economic activities but also for the weekend vacations. While enjoying your weekend in the city, you would never run out of dining options. There are numerous restaurants in Nuevo Laredo that serve variety of cuisines, drinks and steaks. People visiting the city for a day or two try to save money by not obtaining the best Mexican auto insurance. It is as good as not obtaining Mexican insurance coverage. To save money, don’t buy underrated auto policies rather compare the prices and go through Mexican car insurance reviews and find the most suitable coverage.

Popular restaurants in Nuevo Laredo are:

El Rincon del Viejo

If you are looking to taste delicious regional food, consider dining at El Rincon del Viejo. The restaurant opens for seven days a week and can accommodate over 250 people at any given point in time. Bright décor and airy atmosphere defines the beauty of the restaurant. While having the delicious food, you can enjoy live mariachi music.

Paseo Colon

This restaurant features an incredible blend of sophistication and class. To enjoy delicious international cuisine during your weekend trip, you should be dining at Paseo Colon. They serve breakfast buffet and an a la carte menu for lunch.

Rancho Su Majestad el Taco

This three decades old restaurant specializes in serving delicious Mexican cuisine. Gastronomical experience in the restaurant is incomplete without tasting the Mexican taco. This dish is served with a filling of spicy pork, beef or chicken. Variety of soups is another highlight of their menu. Few popular soups and stews are Pozole, Aztec, Tlalpeno and Birria. Rancho Su Majestad el Taco has its own Tequila known as El Rancho.


Steak lovers should not ignore Chilitos. According to experts, this restaurant serves best steaks in the city. While going through their menu, you would come across dishes like BBQ ribs, shrimps with chipotle, fish fillets, coconut shrimp and shrimps with mango sauce.

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Enjoy Peaceful Shopping in Toluca With Mexican Automobile Insurance!

If you want to experience the rich culture of Mexico, plan your next vacation to the city of Toluca. Shopping is the best way to know the locals and mingle with them. There are several malls and open air markets in the city where you would come across blend of traditional feel and modern streak of the city. One thing that offers peaceful mind while driving your vehicle through the streets of Toluca is Mexican automobile insurance. On the internet, you’d find numerous online Mexican insurance providers, but you should find the ones with good rating.

Shopping in Toluca can be enjoyed at:

Plaza Los Portales

This is one of the the oldest markets in Toluca. It covers an entire block of the city. While strolling around the market, you would be walking through cobblestone streets and would come across colonial archways. The plaza was established in 1832 and is located in the historic downtown. Shops in the plaza deal in trendy clothes, shimmering jewelry, decorative objects and variety of arts and crafts. Besides shopping, the plaza is also famous for its 118 adjoining archways that make it the longest colonial structure in the entire country.

Galerias Metepec Mall

This modern shopping mall is located on the Toluca-Ixtapan Boulevard. It has several boutique stores from where you can buy trendy clothes and accessories. There are few recreational areas as well in the mall in addition to a modern movie theater and great dining options.

Benito Juarez Market

This traditional market comes into existence on Fridays. Colloquially, it is known as “Mercado Benito Juarez.” This is one of the most notable flea markets in the state. Most popular item in the market is “Trees of Life.” You can buy wide array crockery, jars, candlesticks, flowerpots and vases from this market. The traditional market is also famous among tourists looking for souvenirs.

Casa de las Artesanías

Arts and crafts lovers should not ignore this crafts center. Casa de las Artesanías is located in the Tollocan Avenue. You can choose from variety of souvenirs such as ceramics, crafts, paintings and numerous local items. The center also features art works created by the local artists from different Mexican regions.

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Enjoy Safe Queretaro Shopping With Comprehensive Mexican Auto Insurance Policy!

Queretaro is nothing less than a treasure for history lovers. But it doesn’t mean that history is the only aspect that attracts thousands of tourists to the city every year. While vacationing in Queretaro, you get an opportunity to experience incredible blend of culture, arts, spirituality and of course, history. Shopping fanatics can choose from wide array of handicrafts and variety of trendy items. While driving your vehicle from one shopping area to another, only comprehensive Mexican auto insurance policy can save you from getting detained in case of an auto accident. A comprehensive Mexican auto insurance policy helps meet your financial obligations in the unlikely event that you get int an auto accident.

Popular shopping areas in Queretaro are:

Centro Artesanal y Cultural Indigena

If you are looking for souvenirs, this shopping center is a must visit. Centro Artesanal y Cultural Indigena literally means Artisan and Indigenous Cultural Center. This shopping area is strategically located in Plaza de los Fundadores in the historic center. It has emerged as one of the most sought after tourist destinations to buy beautiful handicrafts created by the local artists. Best part of buying handicrafts from this shopping centre, you can buy the item directly from the creators.

Plaza Galerias

This is another popular shopping mall in Queretaro. The mall is home to more than 70 well known brands. While visiting the mall, you will also find popular department stores such as Liverpool, Sanborns and Sears. Besides shopping, the mall is also known for wide range of services such as dental clinics, phones, opticians and banks. For physically disabled visitors, there are necessary facilities.

Plaza Boulevares

This mall features best entertainment options. You can visit the mall to spend an evening full of excitement and fun. It features sophisticated restaurants, spacious coffee shops, department stores, a gym and vivid nightclubs. However, the main highlight of the mall is 12 movie screens. If you are visiting Queretaro with your family, you cannot overlook Plaza Boulevares.

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Top Rated Mexican Automobile Insurance is Must to Enjoy Shopping in Torreon!

History, arts, nature and culture: all these aspects explain the specialties of Torreon. No matter which age group you belong to, you can easily find activities that your interest. If you are an eco-tourist, drive your vehicle to the outskirts of the city. Top rated Mexican automobile insurance offers safe drive through Mexican streets. Torreon is also famous for its shopping pursuits. If you want hassle free driving experience, obtaining comprehensive car insurance for Mexico is a must.

Top notch shopping areas in Torreon are:

Galerias Laguna

This is one of the most popular shopping malls in Torreon. The mall covers an area of 90,000 square meters which makes it the city’s largest mall. It consists of department stores, boutiques, a casino, restaurants, movie theaters and a hotel. The mall is known for offering diverse shopping experience. While strolling around, you would come across number of exclusive brands. You can choose from wide range of sporting goods, household equipments, health supplements, music instruments and electronics. The mall also features banking services as well.

Plaza Cuatro Caminos

This shopping area is defined by a blend of modern facilities, contemporary design and leisure activities. The mall is one of the most sought after destinations for those looking to enjoy shopping away from the blazing heat. Jewelry stores, electronic shops, sports gear, gift shops and branded showrooms: everything is available in the mall. Apart from stores and shops, the mall also serves as a venue for several events and work shops. There are few exquisite restaurants as well offering great dining experience well complemented by top class service.

Intermall Laguna

This is one of the most unique malls in Torreon. It is more famous for its entertainment options and shopping opportunities. The mall is home to only ice skating rink in the city. If you are vacationing with your family, visiting this mall is a must. Apart from skating rink, kids can indulge in number of arcade games. There are restaurants in the mall that feature separate kids clubs. The multiplex in the mall has 12 screens and one of these is an IMAX screen.

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Visit Los Cabos Restaurants But Only after Obtaining Quality Auto Insurance for Mexico!

Golden sand, gorgeous beaches, arid desert and turquoise blue waters summarize the beauty of Los Cabos. The lively region is one of the fastest growing areas in Mexico. If you are looking top experience unique culinary experience, there are numerous restaurants you can dine at. For hassle free driving experience in any part of the country, you should have quality auto insurance for Mexico. If you are looking to save money while obtaining car insurance to drive in Mexico, refrain from buying it at the border. Shacks at the border do offer auto policies however, to get comprehensive coverage, consider buying Mexican automobile insurance online.

Restaurants you should be dining at while vacationing in Los Cabos are:

The Office

This sophisticated restaurant is located on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas. Whether you are looking for casual breakfast, lunch or dinner, The Office is an apt option. They specialize in serving traditional Mexican cuisine and huge margaritas. Most popular dish on their menu is “Tierra Entre Dos Mares,” a juicy New York steak. Other dishes you can try are lobster tail and jumbo shrimp.

La Bodega

If you are interesting in tasting contemporary Mexican cuisine, La Bodega is the place to visit. The menu features array of appetizers ranging from fresh seafood to premium beef dishes. You can also choose from numerous salads and soups. No matter whether you are ordering dishes based on chicken, fish or pork, chefs always give preference to the quality. Take your pick from the wine cellar that contains wines from South America, Mexico, North America, Italy, Spain and France. You can choose to sit on the open air patio or air conditioned area.


As the name suggests, the restaurant specializes in Brazilian cuisine. They serve around 12 types of grilled steaks that would be sliced at your table. Another highlight of the restaurant is huge salad bar.


This beautiful restaurant is strategically located in hip marina area. According to experts, this is the restaurant where you can experience a delightful dining experience. They are not famous for their traditional Mexican dishes but for their international food menu as well. Meals should be followed by fruit and chocolate fondue.

La Dolce Italian Ristorante

If you are fond of Italian cuisine, you cannot overlook this restaurant. The vibrant restaurant is known for its bistro feel. Their menu comprises of wide array of pastas and pizzas in addition to world class wines. Dining experience will be enhanced by contemporary music playing in the background. If you are looking for a romantic atmosphere, opt for open air patio sitting.

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